2018 Oregon Dental Conference

2018 Oregon Dental Conference ONLINE CE VERIFICATION SYSTEM

To login, please enter your CE Verification Number in the space below. Your number can be found at the bottom portion of your conference badge (view). If you do not have a CE Verification Number printed on your badge, then you do not have a conference badge that is allowed access into this system (i.e. Exhibit Hall Only and Student badges).

Once logged into the CE Verification System, please enter the course completion code that was given verbally at the conclusion of each ODC course (Please note: Full Day courses have two separate completion codes). You will then be asked to complete course evalutions before printing a CE Certificate as proof of attendance.

If you no longer have your badge, click here to have your CE Verification Number emailed to you. You will need your registration number and the email address associated with your registration. Both of these items can be found at the top of your ODC Registration Confirmation.

If you need assistance, please contact the Oregon Dental Association at odc@oregondental.org or 800-452-5628.
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